Welcome to the Candidate Project, a program of the New Organizing Institute (NOI). At NOI, we use cutting-edge training, research and technology to help change-makers create the world they envision. Our work has helped more people engage in the political process as organizers, volunteers and voters. Over the last three years, as our vision for America came under unrelenting attack, we saw hope turning to frustration. So we decided to take our work a step further. And thus, the Candidate Project was born. 

Our aim is simple: We want to help change-makers become decision-makers. Not in Washington, where most of the energy usually goes, but on the battlefields where life-changing issues are constantly being tested and decided under our noses: city councils, school boards, state legislatures and even water commissions. There are more than half a million local elected offices outside of the Washington gridlock-- that's more than 500,000 ways to influence whether government serves the 99% or just the 1%. 

It all comes back to a belief we hold strongly: All Americans deserve equal opportunity and a fair shot at a better future; lower barriers, and a little help to get across them. When barriers get higher, it takes a new generation of committed, courageous change-makers to break through. 

As progressives we have everything we need to tear down the walls around our democracy: The opportunities, the know-how, the resources, and the people. We created the Candidate Project to pull together what we have, put it to maximum use, and open up the process of running for local office. You also have everything you need to make the change you want to see in the world. It's up to you to see yourself as a new kind of candidate, campaign manager or power-broker. When you take the first step, you will find here multitudes of progressives just like you ready to storm the barriers together all across the country. And you'll find an entryway into the wondrous world of grassroots campaigns -- courtesy of a range of established organizations, brilliant practitioners and resourceful peers -- with simple tools and programs to help you do more with less.

About 2,012 for 2012

2,012 for 2012 is a non-partisan effort to recruit a new generation of progressives for local office.  The initiative is a collaboration between some of the most effective and creative progressive non-profits in the country, and is hosted by the Candidate Project, a program of the New Organizing Institute.